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Would You Like to Write Blog Posts Here?

This is a blogger community with several WordPress websites in languages such as Portuguese, English, French, Spanish, Italian and German that you can ACCESS HERE, in which any member can write articles. Quality, informative (non-promotional) articles about any subject except for pornography, loans, casinos and forex are accepted.

This website is exclusively for the English language, but each member can sign up in all the languages they want, even though they have to do it one by one.

To become a member of this community all you have to do is a request, through the email below, so that an account with your own username and password is created. These will be sent in the reply to your email, so that you can proceed to write and manage your articles whenever you want.

The only thing we require in return for anyone becoming an author is that every future member inserts at least one link to our website on their blog or site before they send us the request for special access:

Send us an email to admin@wikiwebpage.com with the website in which the links are inserted for verification. If everything complies, you will get your access data in the answer to that very email.

Each member’s links will build the strength and reputation of this site, and therefore have an impact on the quality of the links they get back on the articles they will write in the future.

TAKE NOTE: the links cannot be inserted in the footer or on the blog’s sidebar (except if that sidebar is only present on the blog’s index). It has to be inserted in a natural fashion in a new article that talks a little about our project, or in something related to it for the link to become natural. You may insert the link exactly as it is, at the end of the article, or in the middle with a “keyword” that might be related to our website.

Examples: WikiWebpage, free guest posts, blog community, articles for links, here, on this blog, on this site, click to learn more, etc.

After getting your access data by email you can LOGIN HERE and immediately start writing articles that will be published right away. These articles can and should contain images, and can be edited later.

Any member can insert their articles, which can contain up to 5 dofollow external links related to the written subject, to different websites or blogs (maximum 2 links for each site or blog), in a way that promotes their sites/ blogs, or your clients’ sites, for SEO effects.

Each article must be of a certain quality, have at least 500 words, and also well- written and original (copied articles, that don’t pass Copyscape or spinned articles, Spum, will be deleted). We will also delete or edit promotional articles with more than 2 links to the same site, links to low quality websites, pornography, loans, casinos or forex.

You can see two good examples here: Cristiano Ronaldo and Watermelon

It goes without saying that the longer and better your articles are, the more you will benefit from it. Many writers think it’s not worth it writing quality articles because it’s a community site (not theirs). But that is a big mistake, because quality is more important than quantity for Google! It is preferable to write fewer articles, but quality ones, than to go for weak content just to get a great amount of links.

TIP: links to good quality websites, even if you are not the owner of this sites (top Google sites, governmental sites (domains.gov) or high-authority websites) contribute to the relevance of your article, so you can and should insert this kind of links until you reach the number of 5. Besides, it helps “distracting” Google from the real goal of the article.

Obviously, the articles that don’t comply with the established norms (copied articles, that don’t pass Copyscape or spinned articles, Spum, or which link to forbidden websites) will be deleted by a moderator.

It is allowed to link internally to other articles as long as they are relevant and these links do not count to the imposed limit of 5 links.

Members are also advised to create links of exterior blogs or sites or their social media sites to promote their own articles so that they can stand out from other members articles, as long as they are quality links (quality – not quantity). Spam links bought in dubious places result in the blocking of your account and author IP and can lead to the deletion of the article.

Links in blog posts have the ability to make your project go up on search engines in a natural, safe way. Publishing quality articles are the best way to get quality links. Links that really matter! And the best part: it’s free.

Want to see what the English blog looks like (in Wordpress)? You can access it here: English WikiWebpage.

Think about this cluster of websites (multiple languages) as a project that you’re a part of. Cherish it and in return you will get plenty of benefits, since the benefits of a community are always bigger than the ones you get individually. Check the rules of engagement here.

It’s a great opportunity that you should not miss!
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